Dog Lover’s Towel is Making Waves in the Industry, and Drying Them

The Absorber® – Dog Lover’s Towel™ was introduced to the pet industry in July 2017 at the SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas. It was featured in blogs, news stories, and publications for its innovative and unique way of drying your tail-wagger. This towel not only caught the attention of dog consumers and groomers across the country, but dog shelters all over the world with their most recent giveaway.

Tips For New Dog Owners

Tips For New Dog Owners

Did you just get a dog, or are you about to get one? Congratulations! Becoming a pet owner is an exciting experience — the beginning of a priceless bond you’ll treasure for years to come. To make sure you have a good experience as a first-time dog owner, however, there are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind. Even if you already know the basics of how to care for a dog, reviewing a few essentials can help you make sure that you’re confident and empowered for your first time with a dog in your home.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Every dog owner has been there — that moment when you get your dog into the tub and realize that giving your dog a bath is not going to be easy or fun. Some dogs take to the water like ducks, but even the most cooperative pooch can make a bath more difficult by splashing around, getting distracted or just getting bored with the whole thing and jumping out of the tub sopping wet and soapy.

Ditch The Itch: Dog Dry Skin Relief Checklist

10 Dog Grooming Tips To Use At Home

For many dogs, the act of getting a nice bath and a good hair cut is not exactly a relaxing trip to the spa. It's often stressful for them to be in a different environment at the salon, and they may not behave as well as they do at home. This is why many professional groomers operate in a home-like environment, and why many pet parents opt to perform dog grooming at home. These dog grooming tips and tricks will help you get your dog looking its best at all times, without forcing it to leave the house.

Guide to Bath Time

Chelsea Rivera, a healthy pet expert from Simple Wag, shares a 6 step guide to bath time at home.