Read the testimonials below to find out why pet owners and groomers love The Absorber®. While dogs can’t speak, of course, we know they’re giving our towel the “paws up” sign!

“I purchased two of these to dry my dogs after their baths. They are so much easier to use than bath towels. It only takes one to dry each dog instead of two regular size towels. I love the fact that I can squeeze the water out and use it again and again until the dog is dry. I then rinse each one in warm water, wring it out again, and store. My husband couldn't believe that something stored damp wouldn't attract mold and mildew, but it doesn't.”

— Cindy L.

“Bought this to dry off my dogs and it works great. Not sure how it absorbs as much water as it does. It dries my dogs twice as fast as a regular towel and I no longer have to use my towels! Easy to rinse off and reuse.”

— Nancy C.

“No more wet dog towels to dry. It’s curious how this material seems to suck out water on contact. It's a fast job to get a Golden Retriever damp-dry, only wringing out The Absorber once.”

— David B.

“I bought this to dry my Labradors after their daily swim. It works great and saves me from the pile of wet dog towels I had before. We get most of the water off with this and finish with one regular towel. My only problem is that with arthritic hands it gets difficult to squeeze out all the water between wipes. Perhaps I will invent an assistant for that. I still love it and highly recommend it for other wet dogs.”

— Labrador Art

“We use these on our dogs every night during summer after they swim at the lake. They are wonderful!!! Really suck the water right off the dogs! And they last forever (unless you leave it on the park bench ... that's why I'm reordering!) and we toss ours into the washing machine, too!”

— jumpinbreeze

“I've used a few different chamois towels but this one in particular seems to work the best. It picks up plenty of water, and wringing it gets most of it out. I use it to dry my double-coated dog after a bath and it works really well.”

— Adam